Krishnapushkaralu one of the most auspicious festivals for every hindu and people are awaited to dip in Krishna water.

This festival occurs for only once in every 12 years i.e for every year Pushkar will be there for in most auspicious rivers in India as last year Godvari Pushkaralu held in 2015.
Hindu dharma following people believe that dipping in Krishna water they will be purfied by physcially and mentally to clean sins of this birth and earlier births.
Krishnapushkaralu is all set to happen from 12th August, 2016 onwards. For this spiritual moment Indian Postal department has made arrangement to deliver Krishnapushkaralu water to your door step.

Period Postal delivery Krishnapushkaralu water by post? 

India Posts will be supplying purified and bottled “Krishna Pushkar Jal” of River Krishna by Speed Post. The water will be drawn from the River during the auspicious `‘Krishna Pushkaralu’ observed during 12th August 2016 to 23rd August 2016 from the identified Ghat only.

Who will benefit by ording Krishnapushkaralu water by post?
For the benefit of those people who are interested in bathing or performing religious rituals with pushkar water but cannot physically travel to the River Krishna during 2016 Pushkarams, India Post has made arrangements for drawing of water authentically from River Krishna during Puskar period of 12-08-2016 to 23-08-2016, purify it as per ISI standards, properly bottle and package it and supply the bottled water nationally and internationally through Speed Post.

Features of the product:

  • The water will be taken from the River Krishna during pushkaram period.
  • The water will be purified in 13 different stages with ‘ ’ mark on label.
  • The purified pushkar water will be supplied in 500ml bottles.
  • Water is not meant for drinking purpose and is useful for puja and bathing purpose.
  • Shipments will commence from 19-08-2016.
  • The rate of each bottle is Rs.50/- + Speed Post fee.
  • Online bookings will be accepted at from 19.07.2016 to 08-08-2016.
  • Online orders once placed cannot be cancelled and no refunds are permitted.
  • The booking for Krishna Pushkar Jal bottles will be done during krishna pushkara period at all the branch post offices, Sub-Post offices and Head Post Offices across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States and other states.
How to order Krishna Pushkar Jal Online?:
Those interested can purchase the Krishna Pushkaram water bottles from any of the post offices that are located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Believers from across the country and those residing in other countries can also place online orders on Delivery charges will not be applicable within the state though the overseas orders will draw extra delivery rates.

Online bookings facility provided through newly developed e-Commerce website Here you may follow some simple steps to place online orders for Krishna Pushkaram Water bottle Booking.

Login to official website - Postal eShop
Look for Krishna Pushkar Jal bottle product.
Add to your cart.
Enter required details and place your order.

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