South Korean researchers developed new mobile app ‘Dowell’ for arm paralyzed people. This new app helps people with arm paralysis where can use Smartphones.

Researchers specially developed this app for those who can not move their hands well to that paralysis people to aid works with user muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral scelrosis (ALS) and other illness that hamper movement.  

For disabled people with help of user interface option in mobile app works with a variety of input techniques, known as computer assistive devices. App receives information from the trackball mouse, head-tracking camera and mouth stick, which is tool for manipulating a cursor with the mouth.
Mobile app Head developer Ahn Hyun-Jin says, ‘Until now, people with upper-limb disabilities has limited to PCs if they want to use computers’.

Samsung users have to wait for this app soon release to the Samsung apps stores in a few months.
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