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Mehdipatnam Skywalk - Mehdipatnam Junction is one of the busiest areas in Hyderabad. Crossing the road in this area is very difficult. While pedestrians have been in trouble for decades, their trouble will soon be gone. HMDA is completing the Skywalk tasks faster.

The Telangana government has focused on removing traffic jams in Hyderabad city and focusing on pedestrian safety. As part of this, a multi-utility Mehdipatnam Skywalk is being constructed at the busy Mehdipatnam junction. 

Hyderabad Skywalk

Apart from the stairs, there are elevators and elevators for pedestrians to enter the skywalk. The 390 meter long Sky Walk will have 13 elevators and 2 tunnels. 

If this skywalk becomes available, the pedestrian problems that have been going on for decades at Mehdipatnam Junction will be eliminated.

HMDA has launched the much awaited skywalk in the area. The Sky Walk will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 32.97 crore. The pedestrian walkway from Mehidipatnam Bus Depot to the Defense Compound is 50 meters while the Mallepally Road is 180 meters long.

The Skywalk will have the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway on one side and private buildings on the other. 

The 390 meter long walk bridge will allow you to climb up and down the Raymond Showroom (Gudi Malkapur Junction) near the Rythu bazar mehdipatnam, Defense Compound Wall, bus stop, and Asif Nagar Police Station.

It was decided to build this skywalk at a height of 6.15 meters and a width of four meters. HMD officials said the height and width would decrease in some places.

The bus stop area will have 21,061 feet of commercial area at Sky Walk. Coffee shops and snack shops are set up here. HMD has decided to install LED lights along the arch, cables and walkway tunnels. Completed 13 foundations for Skywalk on Asif Nagar Road. 12 foundations have been completed on Farmer's Bazaar Road.

The British Health Service released a health bulletin recommended that those who come in close contact with a person infected with monkeypox be kept in isolation for 21 days. 

Those who have been in close contact with the monkeypox patient at home or outside should inform the relevant authorities of where and when they have met someone. 

The agency advised such people not to go outside for 21 days and not to go near the elderly, the chronically ill, pregnant women and children under 12 years of age. 

The disease is found in monkeys in central and western Africa and has since spread to Europe and Britain. There were 20 cases of monkeypox in Britain, 80 in Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel and Australia. 

The virus, which is found mainly in monkeys, is not easily transmitted to humans. The disease spreads quickly to those who go closest to the victims. 

It can also be transmitted through sexual activity. Dr. David Hyman, a World Health Organization consultant, believes that monkeypox may have been transmitted from one person to another by gay and bisexual men who recently attended two rave parties in Spain and Belgium. 

Even in Britain, the vast majority of cases found so far have been found in homosexuals. Having sex with such people, changing their blankets without PPE suits, or going near others can infect Monkeypox.

Monkeypox vaccine in India

Monkeypox symptoms and causes

Symptoms of monkeypox include high fever, sore throat, and blisters on the skin. The disease has only mild symptoms in adults. 

The severity is higher in children. The general population has a lower risk of contracting the disease.

However, Suzanne Hopkins, chief executive of Britain's health care agency, advised that everyone should be vigilant. Dr. Hyman said that monkeypox was not like a cow, that it did not spread through the air, and that we had vaccines against it.

Protection with smallpox vaccine (Monkeypox vaccine in India)

Smallpox vaccine is given to people who have been exposed to monkey pox. They are protected against monkeypox by being vaccinated within four to six days of the onset of symptoms. 

Suzanne Hopkins, head of Britain's health care agency, says smallpox is not currently being vaccinated across the population. Many countries have begun stockpiling smallpox vaccines as they provide 85 percent protection against monkeypox.

Digilocker services can now be accessed through WhatsApp. The government has recently launched the MyGov Helpdesk as part of its efforts to make public services more transparent and accessible to the public. 

However, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 23.05.2022 announced that it has recently made Digilocker services available through WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp Digilocker
This means that Pancard, Driving License, CBSE 10th Passing Certificate, Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), two -wheeler Insurance Police, 10th Time Marksheet, 12th Period Can be downloaded via Whatsapp-Digilocker.

WhatsApp users across the country can avail this service by sending 'Namaste' or 'Hi' or 'Digilocker' to '+91 9013151515' via Chatbot.

In March 2020, the government launched the MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp as part of the fight against the Kovid-19 menace. 

In the past it was called the Corona Helpdesk. Kovid has been providing services such as related information, vaccine appointment, and vaccine certificate download. About 10 crore people have already registered with Digilocker. More than 500 crore documents have been issued.

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato Founder and CEO of Zomato, a leading online food delivery company, expressed his generosity. Delivery partners working in their company announced a huge donation for their children’s education. It has been revealed that about Rs 700 crore will be given to the Zomato Future Foundation for this. The amount will be donated from ESOPs. This was stated in a memo sent to company employees.

 Prior to Zomato's public listing, investors and the board offered him some ESOPs (Employment Stock Ownership Plans) based on Deepinder Goyal's performance. Goyal will sell the shares when some of these expire. According to last month's average share price, these ESOPs are worth about $ 90 million. That is about Rs 700 crore in Indian currency.

Goyal said the proceeds from the sale of the shares will be donated to the Zomato Future Foundation. Donations raised through this foundation will be used for the education of children of delivery partners working in Zomato. Delivery partners can avail this assistance for the education of a maximum of two children.

Goyal said the company would provide assistance of up to Rs 50,000 per annum to the children of delivery partners who have completed at least five years. If the employee completes 10 years in the company, their children will be paid up to Rs 1 lakh. 

Goyal said the terms of service for female delivery partners were lower than this. It was also revealed that special schemes for girls and prize money will also be given to children who have completed 12th class. 

Scholarships will also be given for higher studies depending on the talent of the children. If unfortunately the delivery staff is in danger while performing the duties they will be financially supportive to their families irrespective of the service.

The country's eminent election Indian political strategist Prashant Kishor (PK) inaugurated his new 'Jan Suraj' political journey campaign. He said that he would start it from Bihar.

The political strategist popularly known as PK has not yet clarified whether he is going to form any party of his own. It is believed that due to joining the Congress and leaving the mission of rejuvenation of the oldest party in the middle, he will make a new political start.

Jan Suraj Prashant Kishor

Prashant Kishor announced his new campaign by tweeting. "My quest to be a meaningful participant in democracy and help shape pro-people policies has seen ups and downs over the past 10 years," he wrote. 

Now I am going to turn a new page. Now the time has come to go to the 'Real Masters' i.e. the people to better understand the issues and the path of public suraj, the beginning will be from Bihar.'

There was talk of Prashant Kishor going to Congress for the past few days. Recently, he also presented a presentation of the party's rejuvenation regarding the better performance of the Congress in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, although the talks between the Congress and him did not work out and in the last round he left the Congress.

Drug controller general of India (DCGI) issued emergency permits for issuing of Covid vaccine for kids.

Covid vaccine for kids in India

The way has been paved for further vaccination distribution in the country to vaccinate young children. The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has granted emergency approval to administer the Covaxin vaccine, developed by leading pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech, to children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. In addition, the DCGI has approved the distribution of the Carbevox‌ vaccine, developed by Biological-e, to 5-12 year olds. To this extent the relevant sources have revealed.

Covaxin vaccine is already being given to those over 12 years of age. Bharat biotech has previously applied for permission to offer it to young children as well. Provides information on clinical trials conducted on children and other relevant details. 

Covid vaccine for kids in India

The Biological-e company has also applied for the distribution of Carbevox‌ vaccine to 5-12 year olds. The subject expert committee (SEC) met to analyze the information and the results of the launch tests. The SEC then recommended to the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to give the Covaxin vaccine to 6-12 year olds and the carbovax vaccine to 5-12 year olds. The DCGI, which received the proposals, said that it had issued emergency approvals for the vaccine today.

It has imposed some conditions. It ordered that security data be provided every 15 days for the first two months after vaccine distribution began. Relevant sources said that it was suggested to give these details once a month for 5 months thereafter. However, the Union Ministry of Health is likely to announce a decision soon on the distribution of the vaccine to children above 5 years of age in the wake of emergency approvals for vaccinations.

Zycov-d vaccine for those over 12 years

The DCGI has also granted emergency approvals to give Zykov‌-D, developed by Zyds Cadilla, to children over 12 years of age. Currently two vaccines are available for those aged 12-18 years. The Covaxin vaccine, made by Bharat Biotech, is being distributed to 15- to 18-year-olds. 

It is available in both public and private. Carbevox, which is given to 12-14 year olds, is currently only available at government centers. With the latest decision it seems that a third vaccine has become available to those of this age.