Urvashi OTT Inaugural Offer: Free entertainment for Telugu audience

It is known that ‘Urvashi OTT’ is all set to entertain and entertain the Telugu audience all over the world.

Urvashi OTT will be offering free entertainment as an 'Inaugural Offer' till the end of this month. As part of this bumper offer, 'Ram Lopal Varma' will be shown for free. The film is directed by Veeru K and stars Shakalaka Shankar, Arlene, DS Rao, Madhurima, Lucky, Fish Venkat, Shashikant and Harshad Patel in the lead roles.

Urvashi OTT Inaugural Offer: Free entertainment for Telugu audience

Filmmaker Veeru K said, "Ram Lopal is very happy to be streaming as the Urvashi OTT Inaugural Offer, which is starting very ambitiously." We cannot digest the fact that the director who took the level of Telugu cinema somewhere is now taking the level of Telugu cinema to the abyss. With all due respect to the director .. with awareness. 

Ram Lopal Varma is a film that highlights his shortcomings and seeks his former glory. ‘Ram Lopal Varma’, which was screened with a big platform for entertainment and provoked critical thinking, is sure to impress everyone. Camera: Gopi Kakani, Editing: Allio, Dance: Rama Rao, Fights: Krishna, Writing-Production-Direction: Veeru.K

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