Sensational political leader Subramanian Swamy one of the persons behind sending Jayalalitha to Jail in case Blackmoney was saved from getting married again at age 75 by mistake in wedding ceremony.

Indian Political leader Subramanian Swamy attended Wedding of a BJP leader daughter in Tirunaveli. In this wedding ceremony Swamy had given the ‘mangasutra’ a scared thread symbolizing solemnity of a tamil marriage, to give to the groom. Swamy instead of blessing mangalasutra in spectacular moment of brain-freeze tried to tie it around neck of groom.

Thankfully, a woman Chandralekha, BJP leader behind to him stoped swamy pulling back arm just in time. This big mistake from swamy happened and at the same time he apologized on this thing.

Swamy had decency to look guilty after his false move he made it clear that there is no evil intent on his mind happened due to old age attacked Alzheimer and appealed to media don’t make this issue as sensational news.

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