Central government increased service tax from 12.36 per cent to 14 per cent will implemented from 1st June 2015.

Through this hike (14 – 12.36 = 1.64) of service tax extra burden 1.64 per cent charged from 1st June onwards. This is further extra burden on the people of the country.

In this way if a person spends 10000 per month service tax 12.36% will be 1236 and at 14% 1400 hence extra 164 rupees to pay as service tax to the government.

Especially when you visit to any shopping mall, restaurant for dinner, mobile shop for recharge, pay insurance premium, purchase electronic appliances or other items instead of paying 12.36% service tax you’ve to pay 14% on total amount of purchase. Just imaging how much purchased per month according to that you’ll be charged extra 1.64 per cent ST on total amount spend.

Also the central and state government has decided to levy new taxes to implements soon. Through this slightly petrol and diesel charges will rise slightly. Commercials, Air travel, architecture services, event management, credit card services customer charged extra 1.64 per cent service tax.
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