State government of Telangana warns of action against cow slaughter during festival of Bakrid 2016. 

As per latest information, Telangana state Animal Husbandry department issued a circular that culprits would be punished as per the Prohibition of Cow Slaughter and Animal Preservation act and said, cow played a vital role in the rural economy and everyone should follow the act to avoid punishment .

In the circular also requested that, the public should not participate in meting out cruelty to animals and killing of cows. Anybody found guilty government will take action as per law against those who found involved in the cow slaughtering.

In addition, government appealed to pubic to inform the police, revenue and transport department in case they came across any such incidents. 

In a statement Animal husbandry department director D.venkateshwarlu said, ‘We along with the police and the GHMC [Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation], are conducting surprise checks to see if the laws are being violated. No female animal of any kind should be slaughtered during the season while cows should not be killed anytime. The department would take necessary steps to prevent the killing of cows during the Eid season as it witnessed a surge in consumption of meat’.
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