CoWIN Portal: All vaccination programs at cowin vaccination dashboard. The Central Government to use cowin portal for other vaccine programs

It is learned that the Central Government has made available the ‘CoWin‌’ portal exclusively with indigenous technology for managing corona vaccine details across the country. 

Through this Kovid Central Government is issuing vaccination registration as well as certificates. As ‘CoWin’ is working effectively in this regard. 

cowin vaccination dashboard

The Central Government is ready to use this portal for more services. It was recently revealed that plans are afoot to use it for other vaccine programs at the national level.

So that it will be easier to monitor all types of vaccination systems from time to time.

The government is manually maintains records of national health programs such as family planning, including the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) currently being implemented across the country.

However, once the CoWin is further developed, the entire vaccination system will be digitized, CoWin Chief, Dr. RS Sharma, CEO of the National Health Authority, told a news media. 

‘This will make it easier to track beneficiaries. Records can be maintained efficiently. Real-time monitoring is possible. Get vaccination certificates on the spot and can also be downloaded instantly. These certificates are also stored in Digi-lockers. '

‘UIP’ is a vaccination program conducted in India to protect children and pregnant women from the respective diseases. 

This is one of the largest vaccination projects in the world. Under this, the government is providing free vaccinations for 12 diseases like polio, tetanus, measles and hepatitis-B. 

Emphasizing the importance of an integrated vaccination information system in this regard, an official said that it would help in organizing vaccination programs at the national, state and district levels. 

He said the accurate data will be available to those who make public health policies. Kovid vaccine records management will continue as usual through CoWin portal.

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