Mehdipatnam Skywalk - Mehdipatnam Junction is one of the busiest areas in Hyderabad

Mehdipatnam Skywalk - Mehdipatnam Junction is one of the busiest areas in Hyderabad. Crossing the road in this area is very difficult. While pedestrians have been in trouble for decades, their trouble will soon be gone. HMDA is completing the Skywalk tasks faster.

The Telangana government has focused on removing traffic jams in Hyderabad city and focusing on pedestrian safety. As part of this, a multi-utility Mehdipatnam Skywalk is being constructed at the busy Mehdipatnam junction. 

Hyderabad Skywalk

Apart from the stairs, there are elevators and elevators for pedestrians to enter the skywalk. The 390 meter long Sky Walk will have 13 elevators and 2 tunnels. 

If this skywalk becomes available, the pedestrian problems that have been going on for decades at Mehdipatnam Junction will be eliminated.

HMDA has launched the much awaited skywalk in the area. The Sky Walk will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 32.97 crore. The pedestrian walkway from Mehidipatnam Bus Depot to the Defense Compound is 50 meters while the Mallepally Road is 180 meters long.

The Skywalk will have the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway on one side and private buildings on the other. 

The 390 meter long walk bridge will allow you to climb up and down the Raymond Showroom (Gudi Malkapur Junction) near the Rythu bazar mehdipatnam, Defense Compound Wall, bus stop, and Asif Nagar Police Station.

It was decided to build this skywalk at a height of 6.15 meters and a width of four meters. HMD officials said the height and width would decrease in some places.

The bus stop area will have 21,061 feet of commercial area at Sky Walk. Coffee shops and snack shops are set up here. HMD has decided to install LED lights along the arch, cables and walkway tunnels. Completed 13 foundations for Skywalk on Asif Nagar Road. 12 foundations have been completed on Farmer's Bazaar Road.

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