If any operator offers Free 3G data usage with recharge of Rs.100 some what unbelievable. But, if you get that offer from any telecom company then whole year is celebrating.

Such a company offering Free 4G network for one year on purchasing of Datawind mobile phone.
Datawind mobile manufacturing company is launching its new low-priced 4G mobile phone in Indian market at below three thousand.

In a statement Datawind CEO Suneetsingh said, ‘We offer Free 4G network on purchasing of our mobile phone available at 3000 and the company already tie-up with Telenor, Reliance communication to offer Free 4G services through datawind mobile phone'.

As well Datawind discussing with other telecom operator representatives to offer free 4G network through low-budget mobile phone, he added.

With this offer Datawind has tagged a condition to mobile buyers where they can browse any website but, Downloading is not allowed under this offer.

Datawind planned to launch this mobile phone in February, 2016.
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