Indian medical device maker Trivitron Healthcare pvt ltd has developed a RT PCR kit to detect monkeypox virus. Do use smallpox vaccine for monkeypox

While recovering from the corona pandemic, the monkeypox virus is now plaguing the entire world. 

The virus has already spread to 20 countries and more than 200 cases have been reported. Another 100 suspected cases were reported. This led to intense research into the virus. In this regard, the country's medical device maker Trivitron Healthcare pvt ltd has developed a real-time PCR kit to detect monkeypox.

Trivitron Healthcare pvt ltd

A research and development team from Trivitron Healthcare group of companies has developed an RT-PCR kit to detect the Monkeypox virus. 

It is a four color fluorescence based kit. It distinguishes between smallpox and monkeypox in the single tube single reaction format. 

With this kit, you can know the result within an hour, "Trivitron said in a statement. In addition to dry swabs, VTM (viral transport media) swabs can also be used to test with this kit. Chandra Ganju, CEO of the company, said, "In the current situation, there is an urgent need to take action to stop the spread of this virus. India will always be there to help the world, "he said.

Monkeypox cases have been reported in 20 countries, including Britain, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the United States of America. 

Scientists warn that there is a risk of infecting others if the spread of the disease is not stopped. WHO - World Health Organization, spokesman Dr Sylvie Brind said, more cases were likely to emerge in the future. 

Smallpox vaccine for monkeypox: Do smallpox vaccines work on monkeypox? Or not? Following the launch of research in Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States, a team of WHO experts is working on the matter and will provide guidance soon. People infected with monkeypox often have symptoms such as fever, chills, chills and fatigue. 

People with high severity of the disease may experience rashes and blisters on the face and hands. Gradually they can spread to other parts of the body.

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