So many of celebrities are active on their social network accounts one of them is Shahrukh Khan he also know as KingKhan in Bollywood industry.

Recently in a rally organized by Aam Admin Party (AAP party) in New Delhi thousands of people watching, a farmer who committed suicide by handing tree. Bollywood Badsha responded to the incident, He expressed extreme anger on political leaders to stop ‘Accusatory game’ in this incident, said his view on Social network site Twitter.

No one thought of suicide to end their life, only to end up for the sake pain put end to their lives, expressed grief. When such events ceased to apply blamed each other political gains, suggested to realizing them in trouble.

For the purpose of looking forward, assign for a moment of time to share the pain of those who asked. Stop ‘Accusatory game’ said in a statement. However, the political parties blaming themselves each other on farmers suicide in front of thousands of people in rally.

Badshah tweets, ‘Nobody kills themselves 2 end their life, they do so 2 end the pain.” Take a moment, feel the pain not looking for gain and stop the blame game”.

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