Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) Official website after it displayed public email IDs and names of people who given feedback on the issue of Net Neutrality.

Anonymous India claimed responsibility for bringing website down, saying TRAI could not be trusted with anyone’s data through social media.

The group said via Twiter, on the issue of ongoing Net Neutrality more than one million e-mails sent to TRAI expressing their views along with email IDs. All the opinions of the people along with email IDs uploaded to the TRAI Official website.

After this it has noticed that TRAI Official website hacked. But, TRAI authorities are denies this matter. Mean the site stopped duet to technical problems says, TRAI.
Spammers have easy access to social media sites to hack email IDs uploaded by TRAI to criticize on issue Neutrality.
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