Based on the slogan of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ‘Swatch Bharat’ Chief Minister of Telangana State KCR announced ‘Swatch Hyderabad’ to make city clean.

In this regard sensational director Ramgopal varma on social media Twitter criticized KCR ‘Swatch Hyderabad’ participation.

He tweets KCR Swatch Hyderabad concept is good i believes it but only if I See a Swatch Musi River. Concentrating on ‘Swatch Hyderabad’ before that he has to make Swatch Moosi River.

Without Swatch Moosi river KCR can not make ‘Swatch Hyderabad’ how this is possible. He also said, that if KCR achieves Swatch Moosi river then he believes he is all Gods rolled into one.

Unless Swatch Moosi river happens i can't accept ‘Swatch Hyderabad’ is complete, tweets on Twitter.
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