Government of India prestigiously planned preparations for 1st International Yoga day on 21st June, 2015. On this occasion of International Yoga Day different events planned across the country to get popularized Yoga across the world.

Senstaional Hot Model and actress Poonam Pandey release her new Yoga Tutorial to be in the limelight again. She was in headlines if Indian team wins in World cup 2011 she will strip off clothes and dance. Now she again comes with another trick to be in headlines by releasing her new Yoga Tutorial demonstrating few Aasanas. In this video she says, ‘Yoga se hi hoga’ especially to tempt youngsters showing her boobs zooming camera and the yoga turns seductive says Poonam.

After releasing this video on social media nearly 8 lakh plus viewers watched already and number increasing daily.
She named her demonstrated aasanas names as ‘boob aasan’ , doggy style aasan etc., no doubt the every one, whoever watches this video definitely opens mouth automatically at boob style aasana.

Just watch Poonam Pandey Sensational Hot and Sexy Yoga aasanas in her own style.

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