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Leading private banks in India has announced that after four free transactions they will levy a minimum charge of Rs.150 for cash deposits and cash withdrawals in a month. 

The three major banks will calculate the free aimed at reducing cash dealings at the rate of Rs.5 for every Rs.1000 transacted or Rs.150 whichever is lower.

The charges that were kept in abeyance briefly after the government scrapped high-value notes in November.

However, ICICI and HDFC bank said, the charges will be applicable to transactions outside of home branches. Both banks define home branch differently; HDFC defines it as the branch wee an account was opened while ICICI defines it as any branch within the city of the account.

Whereas, the banks was not clarified on the charges ATM withdrawals.

As per official sources from banks, they will now start levying the fee from the fifth transaction onwards and this charges is applicable on basic savings accounts holders and most salary account holder and privileged customers are exempt.
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