Yes, In the name of leading electronic and electrical product domestic manufacturer Godrej, few fake websites are crawling online.

Recently, one of our blog subscriber/friend shared information, how he was cheated badly in the name of Godrej Hyderabad customer care.

One of that fake websites running in name and logo of Godrej where most of the customers from Hyderabad think this is the official website of Godrej company and dials to the numbers displayed on this website.

If you're from Hyderabad and having Godrej Washing machine, Godrej Fridge or any other product and searching for Godrej customer care repairing center number then you must read this article very carefully before you dial.

Based on our subscriber complaint received we're sharing this information, and requested us to share his experience with others to aware not to become prey of these cheaters.

In his words, He wrote to us:

When any customer visits this website and dial to these number 9985796319 or 9985795634 to other end female or male receives your call and asks you gently about your complaint for Washing machine or Fridge and collects address, mobile number.
She/He reply that they will send their technician for repairing, immediately within 1/2 hour you'll receive a call from technician and asks your address and how to reach you.
Technician after checking your Godrej washing machine or Fridge first he will tell you that 'SENSORS' are damaged and you've to replace it with new ones.
Technician finally tells you about the total amount for replacing which is ranging from Rs.3000 to 6000 and he asks you about advance amount for that tools/items to purchase.
Or else, they say that 'We will bring that items from our Store and we will back in one or two hours'.
After reaching your home they simply replace it with old or used tools and gives you a bill and say it will take some time work, please wait for hour or two hours. Thereafter, technician tells you if any problem occurs call to us we'll rectify immediately, simply they give their mobile numbers which are fake and collects money by putting you in words using technical words which are you don't know or listened earlier and mesmerizing you with their words escapes from your home.
When you try those given numbers they won't lift and when you call back to that Customer care numbers they tell again that they will send another technician after several technician will come to your home and raises another problem which is also you don't know and he will estimates the cost of repair ranging from Rs.3000 to 5000/6000. When you say that we already paid to your technician and if you refuse to pay, that technician escape from there and he won't answer to you phone call unless you agree to pay more amount 'THE PROBLEM REMAINS THE SAME'.
If you agreed to pay the said amount then another technician come and acts that he had rectified you Washing machine/Fridge problem and collects money from you and escapes and your Washing machine / Fridge works automatically.

So, guys this is happening in the market, in name of Fake websites are running online and few cheaters are earning money using name of Branded company logo/website names.

Dear reader, If you've faced similar to this incident then share on our desk to aware others for help to stop from becoming prey to cheaters.

Note: This blog won't take any responsibility for the above article, and the information is shared. This is the experience of our blog subscriber....who residing in Hyderabad.

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