Central Government soon to bring Road Transport and Safety bill 2014 on this issue Communist Unions called nationwide protest proposed bill on April, 30th.

All India Road Transport Worker’s Federations (AIRTW) workers of public transport corporations and private buses, auto-rickshaw, taxi, mini bus, lorries and trucks, driving school, auto-workshops and spare part shops, school and college bus unions declared jointly for Nation-wide Bandh on April, 30th against Central Government Road Transport and Safety bill 2014.

AIRTW affiliated union to Communist Trade Union CITU. All other trade auto unions AITUC, INTUC, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, HMS, AICCTU and other independent state unions are participating in this Band to protest the bill which they claim will give ‘unfair advantages’ to private bus operators.

If this comes into force all the transport rules go in the hands of the central government. Hence, chances to increase to levied heavy fines on simple driving mistakes.

For signal jump traffic authorities are imposing hundred to thousand rupees. To over speed Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 penalty imposing on vehicles and this going to increase if this bill passed.

Driving license to cancelled if penalty points reached to 12. In this connection Trade Unions raised their objections against this bill. In case of accidents on the roads improper roads are responsible. Certain measures are to taken on this issue to improve roads across the country and to pass laws similar to the roads.

The cancellation of present Driving License and obtaining of new driving license is to bring through new bill. However, Central Transport Minister is very much determined to pass this bill to avoid Road accidents. Nearly 10000 people in the country die each year in road accidents.
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