Recently Tamilnadu Government has intensifies wearing helmet while driving on roads to reduce accident deaths. Now, Telangana police follows the same to carry out in Telangana state to stringent while enforcing the rule.

Maximum percentage of riders not wearing helmets due to their personal reasons like to show their charming face with goggles, damage of hair etc.

The Telangana transport department has decided to enhance the fines drastically before the Road Transport and Safety Bill comes into act.  

According to the reports only 10 per cent of motorists abide by the rule while motorists account for fifty percent of accidents cases.

At present violation of helmet rule a fine of Rs.100 and Rs.200 imposed on motorists. The fine amount may increase between Rs.500 to 1000 after the Road Transport and Safety Bill 2015 implements.

In this connection Telangana Transport Minister had meeting with traffic police and asked to impose huge fines on those who violates helmet rule.

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