In the Vote-Note scam case arrested MLA Revanth Reddy and after Telangana government strategically leaked audio tapes of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu speaking with Nominated MLA Stephenson who involved in Vote-Note scam.

Andhrapradesh government counter attacks on Telangana government by releasing an audio tape having the voice of Telangana Minister and Son of CM K.Chandrasekar rao accordingly.

News media Andhrajyothi has leaked this audio tape where a phone conversation between three people, Wyra DSP Ramireddy, Wyra MLA Madanlal and another person Aziz. ABN reports in the audio KTR allegedly is buying TDP MLA into TRS party offering around 3 crore for each TDP MLA.

Reacting to this leakage audio tape KTR strongly slammed on ABN media channel and warned be ready for defamation suit.
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