Janata Curfew Modi call for Nation to fight Coronavirus

The Janata curfew
Not to come out from Home
Let’s practice social distance
On the 22nd March, 2020 from 7am to 9pm
Let us prove the strength of will in the homes
Corona influence beyond world wars
Abnormal abstinence is required to combat the virus
Modi's call for a nation

Janata Curfew Modi call for Nation to fight Coronavirus
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a nationwide alert in the wake of the rapid spread of the corona epidemic across the country.

He has given clear direction to the people of the country to confront the corona.

They believe that the virus has a far-reaching impact on world wars and that it is difficult to deal with a developing country like India without public support.

He claimed that the original drug was to follow a social distance to protect against the disease that had not yet been cured.

On March 22nd 2020, from 7 am to 9 pm, people volunteered to follow the Janata curfew. The corona would have an impact on the economy, so merchants and the rich should be able to channel humanity without cutting into the wages of those who work for them.
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