Akhil acted in Manam movie released last year as a guest appearance in the film. Even before he also acted first in National scale commercial Advertisement ‘Mountain dew’ cool Drink Company.

Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala Nagarjuna intention to introduce Akhi through a mass movie and that responsibility handed over to famous action movies director named dynamic V.V.Vinayak.
On occasion of Akhil’s birthday introduction in films as a Hero a making video released in Youtube by film unit.

Akhil d├ębut movie is a Combination of Love, Action shooting this movie the title of the film has not been determined. Young hero Nitin is producing this movie on Shreshta banner.

Bollywood veteran Hero Dilip Kumar Grand child Sayesha sehgal selected as a heroine to this film.
Through this Making video Vinayak attracted all the viewers and Akineni fans to make success after release in theaters.

If you’re a Akineni fan then don’t miss to watch this ‘Making Video’ of Akhi Akineni.
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