Good news for Mobile users, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued guidelines that from the next month onwards roaming call charges reduced upto 23 percent.

As well within the circle to send SMS cost is nearly One rupee after reducing SMS charges upto 75 percent users can send SMS at 0.25 paisa only.

When networking within the home Circle Roaming calls, SMS senders this discount does not apply stated Council. For National Roaming calls, SMS charges Telecom companies must start specifically a tariff plan, suggested. 

The new regulation comes into effect from April 1st Control Broad said in a statement. According to the new ceiling rates of STD charges of Rs.1.50 to Rs.1.15 per minute reduced. As well, Local SMS rates across the country currently charging One Rupee slashed to 0.25 paisa per SMS. Within the Network call charges reduced from Rupee to 80 paisa. When users while in roaming an incoming call must charge at least 45 paisa, suggest by Council.

TRAI announced they lifted the existing charges on RTP, RTP-FR. To increase the competition between the telecom operators in the market taken the decision reducing roaming call charges, said Director General Rajan S Mathew.
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