Made in India Latest Reliance JioChat Mobile app launched for sharing Audio, Video in the market.

After Smartphones launched in the market from various companies increased craze about usage of SMS, emails, Social media through mobile phones. Daily variety of Mobile apps are launching online for sharing texting to send messages, not limited to the public, audio, video, also provides the opportunity to share.

Recently, whats app added another option making free calls, hence, Whatsapp, viber, wechat, Hike such as mobile apps attracted millions of users. Now a new JioChat launched for smartphone users to chat. Recently Reliance Industry Limited launched this instant messaging app is now youth taking an interest to this app.

For Android mobile chatting users using such as whatsapp, Line, viber, hike mobile apps to opposite the new JioChat application has arrived. This is an alternative to Whats app allows users to communicate with your close friends for free. Recently released Reliance mobile app, audio, video chats group has options for users. So far entertaining and impressive Whatsapp opposite JioChat has released in the market with calling option. Users can communicate friends in India also can communicate around the world with friends through JioChat mobile app.

Multi-Option mobile app
Users has option for sending messages in SMS format through JioChat. Due to possibility of sending Free SMS at free cost the majority of users showing interest towards JioChat.
Not just text messages, JioChat allows user to send audio, videos also. At the same time JioChat allows  majority of users for video conferencing. Like Whatsapp attractive sticker, emotions, doodles sent. Media, guests will also has opportunity to share.

News updates
In JioChat news updates can also find and Entertainment, Sports and celebrities will also find information instantly. To avail all the features provided on JioChat user have to connect JioChannels to share updates with friends, closers. Reliance is planning to launch its dream 4G (4th Generation) services across the country. User can send messages to a hundred at a time. Jio automatically synchronize the contacts in the mobile phone. Indian mobile users already subscribed to Free Chat services now to JioChat.
Android run Smartphone user can download this mobile from Google play store at free of cost.
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