The famous Tollywood director Rajamouli hig-budget movie Bahubali film expectations increased after release posters online.

Not only the Tollywood audiences are eagerly waiting to watch this Bahubali film on-screen also across the country making discussion on various aspects of the film. Regardless content of the Bahubali film release the film starring top actors in the movie posters that evoke the interest of the fans before release.

Already Prabhas, Anushka, Ramyakrishna, Prabhakar looks in poster released Rajamouli. Now, another poster Nassar in as ‘Pingaladevan’ in Bahubali movie relased on social media to create hype on movie.

In this poster Nasser look is very interesting with great look in different style. Already Rajmouli received many of wishes for this new poster through tweets.

In addition to the Nasser poster Rajmouli tweets as …
The character of Bahubali # Pingaladevan has been portrayed with so much insight by Nasser garu that it has become my personal favorite, said.

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