In order to withdraw money from the bank once had a long queue line in Banks. Thanks to the technology that have eased to withdraw money from ATM centers through ATM cards. 

But here there is a problem arise when anyone had our ATM pin can easily withdraw money from ATM centers, we have seen so many cases where there is no security at ATM Centers criminals takes advantage to withdrawn money from ATM by knowing PIN from you. This might happen anywhere someone who withdraws money from your account when your card attached a pin in your ATM sachet.  

But, from here onward it will not be the problem for bank account holders in remote areas. China Merchant Bank has devised a whole new look ATM machine reimburse money after succeeding face reading of account holder.

So many of Private and Government organization already implemented the Bio-metric face and recognize officials the same technology used in this ATM machines to reimburse money. China researchers have developed this ATM machines with some changes to this technology to recognize face and password for banking operations. With this new technology after scanning face and entering password users can manage the operations of the bank through ATM machine.

Although identical twins are look exactly the technology has developed to identify true account holder to process the operations. Despite anyone wearing glasses, wearing makeup also ATM recognizes your face and activates your account. Through this method account holder can withdraw money by just 42 seconds. Soon this technology would be extended to other banks and countries.
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