To line up Beautiful girls for you just apply our Fairness cream on your face!!! like tempting Ads pushing on Television and News papers by few face cream manufactures. Few Celebrities are promoting these fairness cream companies products through media, like Shahrukh khan to Fair and Handsome etc.

Recently, one guy name Nikhil zain attracted to the Advertisement on Fairness about to use three weeks and you’ll become fair. Then he immediately went retail shop and purchased that branded fairness cream and used for more than three weeks but there is no result shown on his face. Then he believed that all these Fairness creams advertisement showing on TV are totally trash and decided to take action on them for cheating people doing business in the name of Fairness cream.

Nikhil zain approached to his brother Paras zain who is a lawyer and explained him about what he has experienced with fairness cream and how these companies are cheating people in the name of Fairness cream. 

With the help of his brother Nikhi zain filed complaint against Emami Fairness cream company in Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Case continued for three years at last Hon’ble court ordered to test company product and after report outcome based on that Honb’le court imposed 15 lakh penalties as compensation against that company.  

Fairness Cream company urged the Honb’le court to withdraw those products and advertisements showing on TV and other media sources and release only cream in the market.
But, Nikhil at finally teaches a lesson to those cheating companies who is doing business on Fairness Creams and he requests all not to believe on those products who claims fairness within a week/month without any base.

Nikhil has donated that compensation money received from Hon’ble court to Consumer Welfare fund Delhi Commission. He received only ten thousand rupees for case charges. 

So, guys take an inspiration of Nikhil and RAISE YOUR VOICE against Corruption and Cheating by Corporate Companies and SAY

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