After Google plus, Facebook number come Youtube where most number of subscribers has Youtube Website. The Youtube videos are constantly being viewed by many as a few thousand crore. Not only watching videos users even upload videos of their personal or creativity using Youtube platform.

Users belongs various group are viewing their choice videos like technology, food recipes, training, music, movies (shot/full), trailers (Teasers), news channels, serials, sex related etc.

To view all category videos easily on any device without any interruption you have follow the below tips..
Press TAB key on the keyboard while viewing a video on Youtube and many options displays (activated). Without help of mouse you can easily manage youtube videos can pause, switching to new video, even can do things like change quality of video. Let’s view how to do these all tricks…

1. As soon as the TAB key press on keyboard press the key number from 1 to 9 any one the video moves ahead that much percent (based on value). For example if you press 1 number on keyboard then 10 of video will go forward.

2. To make video forward or backward use Right or left keys on your keyboard

3. Press first the TAB key Play/Pause buttons highlighted.

4. Continuously pressing same key you can highlight next video, Volume, Seeking bar, Quality, Screen size buttons.

In accordance to the option press Enter or Space bar keys.

To increase or decrease volume of Videos press the UP and DOWN arrow keys.

For better understand you can view the below image to know shot-cuts under various category.

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