Most of the people due to busy schedule say the routine word ‘they do not have enough time for their personal life’. But they’re forgetting due to their busy schedule ruining their romantic age becoming senior citizens unknowingly. When they turn life pages back their precious life can be found guilty just life wax melted.

Thus, new married couples have to plan their life how live happy and spend romantic life.

Here few ticks to make your life a romantic
  • Sleep at least six hours per day instead if you’ve somany works
  • In addition need to exercise an hour every day such as walking, swimming, shuttle etc., rather be a mere formality.
  • Meditation also increases your sexual energy.
  • Change in way of life medical experts suggest, taking Akroat, Oats, Pomegranates gives more energy to body.
  • As well having spicy, condiment food increases desire of sex. Recent research revealed that eating chocolates increase sexual energy.
  • Spend your leisure time with your close friends. Now, in the absence of former joint family culture is increase loneliness.
  • Habituate to visit Park, Restaurant, and movie with friends or wife/children weekly to escape from mental pressure.
  • Without much room for confusion between husband and wife should be fabulous. Due to Uncertainties decrease sexual interest after being mentally disturbed.
  • Wife and Husband should share every moment, problem openly to clear misunderstanding in between them.
  • Every Husband should spend maximum of time with their wife and children to avoid heart attacks.
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