Army recruitment scheme introduced by Central Government, but protest by young people know What is agneepath scheme in army why protest? For Agniveer

Latest Army recruitment scheme introduced by Central Government, but protest know What is agneepath scheme in army why protest? 

Agneepath is the latest Army recruitment scheme introduced by the Central Government. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the scheme for youth who want to join the three forces and serve the country. 

The Center intends to complete the recruitment in 90 days and prepare the first batch by July 2023. Those who are selected in the Agneepath are called Agniveer. However there are currently concerns across the country over the scheme. 

What is agneepath scheme in army why protest
Protests turned violent in seven states. So what is this Agneepath scheme in army? Why are young people angry about this?

What is Agneepath Scheme in Army?

Agneepath is a scheme announced by the Center for Youth for Short Term Service in the Army. As part of this, young people will be recruited to serve in the Army, Navy and Air Force for a fixed period of time. 

Soldiers recruited as part of a firefight are called firefighters. Those selected will be offered the opportunity to serve in the Army for up to four years. 

They regularize 25 percent of all firefighters by reviewing their performance after the deadline. They will have the opportunity to work in non-officer ranks for 15 years. The remaining 75 per cent will be given an exit opportunity. 

They may leave the job after completing four years of service. 11 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh service fund package and skill certificate will be given at the time of exit. But the pension benefits are nothing. However, those who want to do business can easily get loans from banks.

Agneepath scheme salary details, other allowances

  • Under the Agnipath scheme, firefighters joining the army are paid a salary of Rs 30,000 per month for the first year. Of this, Rs 21,000 will come to hand. The remaining Rs 9,000 will be deposited in the Agni Veer Corpus Fund. 
  • Candidate will be paid a salary of Rs 33,000 per month from the second year. Of that, Rs. 9,900 will be deposited in the Corpus Fund. 
  • In the third year, a salary of Rs 36,500 is credited to the corpus fund of Rs 10,980. 
  • For the fourth year Rs. 40,000 salary will be given. Of this, Rs 12,000 will be transferred to the Corpus Fund. Thus, in four years, a total of Rs. 5,02,560 will be deposited in the Corpus Fund. 
  • The Center will contribute an additional Rs. 5,02,560 to this amount. This amount pays Rs.11,71,000 after four years plus interest. This amount is income tax deductible. 
  • There will be other concessions and facilities as per Army Rules in four years. Those who complete four years of service will have a comprehensive financial package.

Agneepath scheme eligibility qualification! Agniveer scheme eligibility

People between the ages of seventeen and a half and 21 can join the army under the Agnipath scheme. However, the Center has raised the age limit to 23 years as the Army has not conducted recruitment for two years due to corona. Young men and women in tenth grade or Inter are eligible. Currently only boys are given the opportunity. It is said that girls will also be given a chance in the coming days.

If Agniveer dies while in service

If the firefighter dies while in the army there will be life insurance of Rs 48 lakh. The insurance premium is paid by the center. An ex-gratia of Rs 44 lakh will be paid in case of death in the line of duty. Compensation will also be given in case of physical disability while on duty. 100 per cent disability is Rs 44 lakh and 75 per cent is Rs. 25 lakhs and 50 per cent Rs. 15 lakhs.

Agneepath scheme protest reason? Why are young people opposed?

The youth are incensed over the recruitment of selected firefighters in the Agneepath scheme for only four years. Not only that, after four years, 25 per cent will be made permanent and the remaining 75 per cent will be expelled, further increasing their anger. 

They are debating what their situation will be after four years of service. Concerns are being raised against the central decision. On the other hand, there are claims that taking only four years into service will damage the fighting spirit among them.

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