There is a proposal to run Vande Bharat train from Visakha to Secunderabad via Vijayawada and another proposal is to run to Tirupati via Vijayawada

There is a proposal to run Vande Bharat train from Visakha to Secunderabad via Vijayawada and another proposal is to run to Tirupati via Vijayawada.

The Railway Department is making preparations to start the Vande Bharat train, which is called as domestic bullet train, from Visakhapatnam soon. Everyone was waiting for Prime Minister Modi who recently visited Visakha to inaugurate this train,but due to some reasons the arrival of the train is getting delayed. Railway authorities are discussing which route to run from Visakha.

Vande Bharat train route

While there is a proposal to run from Visakha to Secunderabad via Vijayawada, there is another proposal to run via Vijayawada to Tirupati. The Railway officials are analyzing from the point of view that whichever route is taken, the passengers will get more benefit and it will be profitable for the Railways.

Vande Bharat train to Vijayawada in 4 hours from Vizag

The maximum speed of this train is 160 km per hour. 0 to 100 km in 51 seconds. Speed ​​picks up. The distance between Visakha and Vijayawada is 350 km. will be Vande Bharat train covers this distance in four hours. It is estimated that it will go to Secunderabad in 8 hours. That means the average speed is 90 km per hour.

  • Currently only one rake is available for this train. That's why the railway officials are planning to run between Visakha and Vijayawada first, and after the arrival of another rake, they are planning to run till Secunderabad. No decision has been taken yet as to when to run from Visakha. It is said that there is also an idea to allocate Janmabhoomi Express time for this.
  • This train will have total 16 AC coaches, with a seating capacity of 1128. While the first class coach has 52 executive class seats, the regular coach has up to 78 chaircar seats. The weight of this train is less compared to normal trains. The length of each coach is 23 meters. Bogies are made entirely of stainless steel. That is why the train can go at high speed.
  • What are the fares for vande bharat express?: Vande Bharat train was started recently between Chennai and Mysore in South India. Chennai to Mysore is about 496 km. will be Fares have been fixed at Rs.1200 for chair car and Rs.2295 for executive class. The fare for chair car is Rs.2.42 per kilometer and for executive class it is Rs.4.63. According to this calculation, it is 350 km from Visakha. A chaircar to Vijayawada, which is far away, charges up to Rs.847. It is expected to be up to Rs.1620 in executive class. AC chair car fare in Uday, Janmabhoomi and Ratnachal trains to Vijayawada is Rs.540.

These are the special features of Vande bharat express

* Doors that open by themselves.
* Seats that rotate here and there
* Reading light, mobile charging point at every seat
* Bio toilets in every coach
* CCTV cameras everywhere
* Assistants available
* Information to passengers based on GPS system.

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