After long 40 years release in Indian cinema Bollywood classic film ‘Sholay’ hit theaters in Pakistan for the first in time starring Amitabh bachchan (Jai), Dharmendra (Veeru), Hema malini (Basanthi), Jaya Bchchan, Amzad Khan (Gabbar sing), Sanjeev Kapoor (Thakur)etc.

This action film directed by Ramesh Sippy was released across the country. Sholay has its mass of fans in Pakistan that generation grew old watching Indian films on VCR’s when it was illegal to screen them in Pakistan, said Omair Alavi, film critic.

The exporter and distributor of Sholay film Nadeem Mandviwalla, expecting more business from this film after a long time release in theater in Pakistan first time and generate good revenue for him.
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