Earlier a car user after buying a new card doesn’t think about new car after 7 to 8 years. Now, mind-set of car user changed moving to buy used card instead of new cars. How the mobile users are buying latest advanced smartphones yearly in the same way car user changing yearly latest models.

Competition is continuing not only in buying smartphones but also user to keep up personal status purchasing cars. To take advantage of this mind-set few merchants created website/portals for used cars including new cars to offer customers according their need.

Recently one survey revealed that in India car customers after using when it reaches 25000 kilometer moves to buy new car. Youngster between 30 years to 35 years buying new cars investing around 4 lakhs for used cars. Compare with new cars used car sales are more according to the survey report.

Buying used cars online running successfully and used car sellers website advertising on media also. In these two to three years car trading websites like, www.Cartrade.com, www.Carwale.com , www.Cardekho.com  websites are creating hulchal online.

A chart shows about Year wise used car sales
2011 17 lakhs,
2012 18 lakhs
2013 21 lakhs
2014 30 lakhs
2020 40 lakhs? (expected)

Giant vehicle sellers are also joined to sell used cars as follows:
  • Maruthi Suziki as Maruthi True value
  • Tata motors as Tata Motors assured
  • Hyundai as H promise
  • Mahindra as Mahindra first choice
  • Toyota as Toyota trust
  • Honda as Auto taros
  • BMW Benz as BMW premium selection
  • Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz certified
  • Chevrolet  as Chevrolet certified
  • Wox wagon DW auto
  • Audi as Audi approved

Online second hand car selling websites

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