No need worry about your mobile phone battery out of charging just gadget says, Shout me Loud to ‘Charge Mobile’.

You’re thinking it’s a joke…No this not a joke… true, based on atmospheric sounds, screams through mobile battery charge. A special postage stamp-size paper microphone created by researchers for mobile charging. Georgia Institute of Technology researchers developed laser to move as fast as sounds through Microscopic holes in paper with a grid.

Special type of copper coating on the side of paper, thin Teflon sheet pasted to join at the end of the two sheets.
The sound waves vibrate in different ways to make two sheets have flowed. In this way two sheet splits and joins. In this process electricity will generate for charging mobile phone, New Scientist magazine reports.
This newly developed microphone uses the sounds energy in the environment, surrounding sound pollution converts to electricity, Scientist says.
Depending on the size microphone generates electricity around 121 milli watts per square meter. The size of the stamp placing on mobile phone allows electricity to generate for mobile charging, say Georgia Institute researchers. 
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