Telangana State government intention is to seize fake ration card and supply food items to eligible candidates by linking with Aadhar card making it as mandatory for all services.

Recently most of the people applied for new ‘Telangana State Aahara badratha card’ i.e National Food Security Card’ and all applications was scrutinized by MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) and updated details online accordingly eligibility.

Ration card holders can get their new ‘NFSC’ card at their Ration dealer there verifying the government approved list details to issue food items to ration card holders. NFSC card holders have to submit bank passbook along with old ration card to get new ration card. People who’ve applied for NFSC card or old ration card holders where ration dealer rejects to issue food items by not updated details online can check here new ration card status online with Old ration card Number or Aadhar Card number.
A detailed procedure to check new ‘NFSC’ card details online whether approved or rejected.

Step One:
Go to Telangana Food Security card portal (epds Telangana) and click on FSC search link at left side of home page as shown in the image. Click on FSC Application Search link to go to check the details online.

Second Step
  • Select Your district from dropdown menu -- Hyderabad, Adilabad etc.
  • Type your FSC Reference Number (FSC RefNo) if you’ve which is given your nearest ration shop OR
  • Type your Old Ration card (Old RC) number OR
  • Type your Aadhar card Number
  • After typing any one necessary number you’ve press ‘Search button’

Third Step
Now, you’ll get ration card details as, shop number, ration card number, address, Aadhar card nos, circle, Key Register no, Mobile no, application no, FSC reference no, etc,.

The following are NOT Eligible for Telagana Food Security Card:
  • Having land more than 2.5 acres wet/ irrigated dry or 5 acres dry or combined (wet and dry) 5 acres.
  • Government / Public sector / Private sector employment / outsourced employee c. Doctors, Contractors, Professionals and self employed.
  • Having large business. (oil mills, rice mills, petrol pumps, rig owners, shop owners etc)
  • Government pensioners and freedom fighter pensioners.
  • Owner of four wheelers.
Any other criterion which the verification officer may assess by the manner of his lifestyle, occupation and possession of assets rendering him as ineligible.

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  1. EPDS Telangana Ration Card is known as the key card for all the citizens of India. The Government of India has made it available by the state. After the separation of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh State, the Telangana Government introduced the EPDS Telangana Ration Card or Ahara Bhadratha output cards.