All sections in Andhrapradesh State focused on Navyandhra capital Amaravathi. Already AP government announced that Amaravathi would be the State capital to that purpose to develop a great city across the country professors of colleges students are making models for Amaravthi buildings, structures, and architect based on research papers in the field.

Accordance with the Master Plan given by the Singapore government overall capital Amaravathi structure to have on School of planning and Architecture (SPA) students, professors doing research. Along these research plans of student with Singpore government jointly are to make several plans for Capital.

The Government of Singapore is now offered only the first phase master plan. The last phase plan submitted after a month later. After receiving last phase master plan from Singapore government SPA team will study in detailed.  College professors, students included in this project to work i.e SPA (School of Planning and Architect).

In this project, where to build AP Assembly, how to setup major components of Secretariat, instructions received. Under Capital Amaravathi structure project an Airport also included. Under fist phase of the master plan Airport, Rail, Road corridors are also fixed.
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