This is hearbreaking new for female fans yes… Baahubali fame Prabhas is going to marry very soon. After a lot of speculations, rumors and stories on him to endup announced that ‘has been in love with her (Neha) for a long time now’ and was ‘waiting for the right time to propose to her’.

Both met on the sets of Baahubali and two are hangout with the rest of the group in between shoots and were good friends in the beginning later on some sparks created in between and they started liking each other’ said news sources.

Neha is a friend of one of the actress and daughter of a billionaire businessman in South Africa who owns an investment company. Neha on a holiday in India attended the shoot of Baahubali and she would often accompany her actress friend to the sets.

His uncle Rebel Star Krishnam Raju has been waiting for this since long where he got promise from Prabhas that ‘He will marry before or after Baahubali (Concluding part) movie completion’.

Prabhas family was more than thrilled about his relationship with Neha and two families met for a small celebratory dinner because of Baahubali’s win and it was there that he proposed to her’.

According to the filmy sources, ‘The families decided to get a date set and engagement is likely to take place in two weeks and end of 31st July'.
The above news rumored in news media on April Fool day…. To wish April Fool
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