Download Voter Helpline app to Check Voter details in seconds

The main topic confusing voters is removal of Votes in Elect-roll list.
Number of applications receiving for the removal of voter without per-approval from the voters. In this background, the voters are likely to learn more about the pinch. If the voter has smartphone they can Download the 'Voter Helpline' app from the Google Play Store. 

Download Voter Helpline app to Check Voter details in seconds
Click on Search Your Name In Elect-roll and enter the name of the voter, father name, age, constituency, district. Immediate details on the Smartphone screen will appear instantly after the adding name of the voter list. If you know the voter card number, you can find out whether the number is also registered by entering the number. 

Callers who do not have a smart phone call dial toll free number 1950.

There is also the convenience of complaining to the authorities through this app if the vote is eliminated without their involvement. Form-6 for registering New Votes, Form-7 for Deletion and Form-8 for Change of Details like address correction etc. 

All in this App related to Election Commission statements and messages to people will be updated on the app regularly.

The details of where the elections are held across the country will be available from the candidates who are contesting in those seats.

Candidates can complain to the Election Commission by the Election Code violations.

In addition to the EVMs (Electronic Voter Machines) in the state, the PVs are available in the next election. There are how to use app and other demo and aware videos also embedded in this app.
There are short-films available about how to act on going into polling station until you vote and gone out of the polling station.

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