Japanese retailer makes realistic masks in Japan at his Kamenya Omot‌ shop in Tokyo

How nice it would be to wear the face mask we like! No one else can recognize the original mask. We have seen scenes of heroes and villains wearing Joker masks in some movies recently. 

Hyper Realistic face mask on sale in Japan
A Japanese retailer makes realistic masks. The masks designed by Shuhi Okawara resemble another person's face. If you want to give the person (photo) look, Okavara will design and give a face mask. For this you have to pay heavily for each mask.

The price of each mask was set at about 98,000 yen ($ 69,832 / 950 dollars). The masks will go on sale at his Kamenya Omot‌ shop in Tokyo early next year. Shuhi says orders are also coming in from abroad. The project was launched in October and has received over 100 orders. 

Sales of the masks, which look very realistic with human comparisons, are set to begin next year.

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