How to earn money online without investment with Government franchise, nowadays there is a greater tendency self-employment than government jobs

How to earn money online without investment with Government franchise, nowadays there is a greater tendency towards self-employment than government jobs. But, own business means you have to spend goals. However, not all businesses need to spend millions on targets.

Start own business without investment: There is maximum loss less and more profitable possibility of starting your own business without spending a single rupee.

So many of you are afraid of losing money if do some business. But, invest less in these businesses and earn money without investment in India.

How to earn money online without investment
How to earn money without investment with Govt Franchisee: There is no need to travel other states staying in local area can earn money depending on capability. It is a wonderful opportunity to earn money without investment at home by owning your own business. What are those businesses called? Aadhaar card franchise, post office franchise. 

Yes, these businesses are government franchises i.e government franchise opportunities in India gives Indian citizens to setup business that is one hundred percent profitable. Also, there will be no loss through these businesses. There is no need to spend lakhs of rupees for this business for setup office.

How to start an Aadhaar card franchise?

The Aadhaar card is now the most important document in the country. If it does, any work will be done. If you want to open saving or current bank account from the Mobile SIM card Aadhaar card is definitely required. Therefore, if you take Aadhaar card franchise you will get good income.

Before setting up an Aadhaar card franchise in your hometown, you have to pass an exam conducted by UIDAI. The license will then be issued to set up the Aadhaar Service Center. Using that license, you can set up an Aadhaar service center wherever you like. Stay happily in your home town i.e local area and you can earn money by rendering Aadhaar card services to public.

If you want to apply for Aadhaar franchise license then you've to visit - Aadhar card Official website and apply.

How to start a post office franchise?

Indian Post department is offering this post office franchise. This is the best franchise for those who want to take government franchises. Just 5000 rupees is enough. This franchise license is issued by Indian Post. You can open an Indian Post franchise office and provide postal services to your customers to earn a commission.

However, there are two types of franchises. One is an outlet and the other is a postal agents franchise. This pdf has all the details explains you how to apply for a postal franchise. Check this pdf and apply to start a postal franchise in your hometown Or you can go to the India Post website and apply.


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