What food combinations-are-dangerous and Dangerous food combinations to avoid with Curd and these foods increase risk of unhealthy problems

Dangerous food combinations to avoid with Curd and these foods increase risk of unhealthy problems. 

What food combinations are dangerous with Curd
What are the ingredients that should not be eaten along with Curd? Why should not combine curd with these foods | India Curd one of the food combinations and every one need at time of meals Who among us does not want to eat curd? It is common in India to eat Curd after meals. 

Some people eat curd alone Or taken in the form of lassi, in the form of buttermilk etc. The probiotics in curd improve our digestion and reduce heat. That is why eating curd is said to keep the stomach cool. However, there are some ingredients that should not be eaten with curd which turn toxic food combinations to avoid.

Curd and onion combination: Most people have a habit of mixing onion slices in their adulthood. How good is the taste of onion slices in curd .. Danger to health is the same. Do you think so? There is a reason for this in Ayurveda. 

That is curd increases the body's coolness. The heat rises with the same onion. So there is a risk of allergies to a combination of the two. Illnesses such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, gastritis, and vomiting are more likely to occur.

Curd and Fries combination: Immediately after eating curd, do not take foods made with sparklers, oil or butter, or ghee-rich foods. This slows down digestion and causes lethargy.

Curd and Fish fry combination: Curd and fish should not be eaten together. There is no reason for this. Ayurveda says that two types of foods that are high in protein should not be eaten at the same time. Both of these are high in protein. Eating together can lead to indigestion and skin problems.

Curd and Milk combination: Mixing milk with Curd is not good for health. Is that crazy of you? Ayurveda says that curd comes from milk, if you eat both together few health issues will arise. Because curd is fermented, but the milk drink is not fermented so if you take both at the same time there is a risk of unhealthy problems like acidity, diarrhea, stomach ache, indigestion.

Curd and Mango combination: And lastly the curd with mango fruit. It's good to hear, to eat. But if you take mango immediately after eating curd or with curd, the toxins in the body will increase. The result can be allergies and skin problems.

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