Top Telangana News Today: TS education department issued key orders for 10th class exams in telangana 2022

Telangana education department issued key orders for 10th class exams in telangana 2022. 

This time for 10th class exams in telangana 2022 there are only six exams papers conducted: Key Orders issued by Department of Education Telangana.

The state education department of Telangana has decided to conduct only six examinations in the tenth class exams 2021 of Telangana state this year. Secretary fo Education department, Sandeep Kumar Sultania has announced and issued orders to this effect on the 'ssc exams in telangana 2022'. It was decided to conduct six examinations this time instead of the previous 11 papers, with one examination per subject.

The government has decided to make changes in the examination system in the state where corona effect is currently in place in schools where classes are not yet fully conducted. Made these changes last year. 

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However, due to the inability to conduct the exams at the last minute, everyone passed the exam without writing it. In this context, it was decided to implement the same policy proposed last year. 

Under the new system, only six exams will be conducted for students of 10th grade board exams has been handling 11 papers since last year. Although it has been decided to conduct 166 days of teaching this year, the Gurukuls are yet to open. 

Even students in the state do not come to school in full. In view of all these circumstances the education authorities decided to make changes in the examination procedure.

Increase the test time by half an hour

Authorities decided to increase the time for the tenth grade exams by half an hour. Tenth graders will be given one test each for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The science exam will have different answer sheets for physics and biology. The authorities decided to give more choices in the questions. Officials said 80 marks would be allotted for board exams and 20 marks for FA exams.

Reducing Syllabus in Telangana schools

The Telangana state government has issued orders reducing the syllabus for school children. It was decided to teach 70 per cent syllabus for 1st to 10th classes. The government has given permission to the school education department to reduce the syllabus. It was decided to continue last year’s orders this year as well.

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