Hyderabad MP Asaduddin owaisi Warned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan?

MIM supremo, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, said the source of the Pulwama attack was in Pakistan.

He participated in an event in Mumbai and made sensational comments on Pakistan and Pakistan's prime minister Imran Khan.

Why Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi warned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan?

The Pakistani Prime Minister has to remove the innocent mask. "Do not sit in front of cameras for publicity and do not teach ethics to India which you don't have. This attack is not the first time, already Pathankot and URI have taken place'

On behalf of India, I want to say the same for the Pakistan's Prime Minister, Just remove the mask of innocence, which you're trying to show on media" Owaisi said. What Pakistan thinks about Indian Muslims. It was in 1947 when the two countries divided in that time Indian Muslims considered Hindustan as their homeland.

Owaisi replied to the comments made by a Pakistani MP who said that 'the bells in Indian temples were boring'. "You do not know about India. As long as the Muslims in India survive, the mosques of the Azaan continues and bells in temple ring. The people here Hindus/Muslims will live together as long as they live. Pak is not overlooked, nor digesting this' Owaisi said. 

The Pakistani government, the Army of Pak and the Terrorist supporting ISI, were behind the Pulwama attack. A Real Mohammadian never take life of others. 

He also described one of the Dangerous Terrorist organization JaiSh-e-Mohammed as Jaish-e-Shaitan, and the attacked tooke place due to Intelligence failure and Central Government should take care further these incidents should not be happened anymore.
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