The Telangana government has released the notification of the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to be conducted before the appointment of teachers

Telangana TET: The government issued the Telangana TET notification on June 12

The Telangana government has released the notification of the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to be conducted before the appointment of teachers. Applications will be accepted online from March 26 to April 16. The TET exam will be held on June 12. 

It is learned that Education Secretary Sandeep Kumar has directed the Sultania School Education Director to conduct the TET as soon as possible. It was suggested that necessary steps be taken to conduct the examination in the light of the Government's sanction to TET. The responding school education department has recently issued a TET notification.

The government has recently issued GO8, making two major amendments to GO36 issued on December 23, 2015 in relation to TET. These changes were made in accordance with the guidelines of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). 

Telangana TET Today

It is learned that the government has recently announced that 13,086 posts will be filled in the school education department. That includes up to 10,000 teacher scales. Of that, SGT scales are up to 6,700. It is said that the maximum number of vacancies for an ideal school would be 11,000. It seems that TET‌ can be held in the month of May itself. 

This is the third time the TET has been held since the emergence of the state. Previously that test was conducted in May 2016, July 2017.

Updates made recently
So far BED candidates are only eligible to teach grades 6-10. That is why Paper-2 was written in TET. From now on they may be recruited as SGTs to teach classes 1-5. 

That means they can write Paper-1 in TET. Otherwise must complete a six-month bridge course in basic education teaching within two years of joining the job. So far only DEDs are eligible for Paper-1.

Once qualified in TET, the certificate has so far been valid for seven years. After that it will have no value. You have to write TET again. 

On the contrary, two years ago, the NCTE decided to make changes that would be worth a lifetime once qualifying for the TET. 

The Department of Education has changed the order accordingly. The change will take effect on February 11, 2011. 

The certificate of those who qualified in the TET held since then is still valid. It is estimated that there are about 3 lakh people who have already passed the TET in the state. 

TET is conducted for 150 marks. General category students get 90 marks (60 per cent), BCs get 75 marks (50 per cent), SC, ST and Divyangs get 60 marks (40 per cent). 

The marks obtained in the TET will be given 20 per cent weightage and rank will be given to the examinations conducted as part of the teacher recruitment.

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