Meesho MeeCARE leave Leading e-commerce company Meesho has start new holiday policy called 'MeeCARE', which aims safety and well-being of employees

Leading e-commerce company Meesho has launched a new holiday policy called 'MeeCARE', which aims to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. 

Meesho MeeCARE leave
 This policy, referred to as the Unlimited Leave Policy, allows employees to take up to 365 days' leave.

Moreover, it is a privilege to be on paid leave (Paid Leave). This leave can be taken by those who have an employee or someone in their family who is chronically ill and often needs treatment. This holiday can also be used for personal passion or pursuit of goals.

Employees are paid for the entire vacation period if they become ill. Anyone on leave in the same house is entitled to 25 per cent pay for up to three months. 

There are other benefits to including provident fund deposits and insurance. However, if you leave for reasons other than illness, you will not receive any pay. 

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company currently has 2000 employees. The company was added to the list of unicorns in April last year with a value of $ 1 billion.

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